Commercial real estate market expected to remain steady

According to a recent report, the future of commercial properties remains uncertain. At the moment, there is some optimism surrounding commercial real estate throughout the United States, including in Massachusetts. However, there is also room for improvement in this sector.

A recent real estate study determined that the current conditions surrounding commercial real estate remain slow and stable. In addition, growth is expected to remain steady during the next several months. However, those active in the market are not quite sure how things will play out long term due to various geopolitical and domestic policy issues. Some of these issues include Congress’s and the Trump Administration’s consideration of ideas for financial regulatory overhaul, tax reform and infrastructure investment. Investors and other experts in the market simply are unsure about how these areas will affect commercial real estate.

Regarding asset pricing, about a third of the study respondents said they believed that prices are currently somewhat higher compared to one year ago. In addition, 15 percent expected prices to increase in one year. About 48 percent expected prices to stay the same between this year and next year.

Commercial real estate prices have already reached a peak or are in the process of reaching a peak for certain types of property, including multifamily and retail. However, capital is available for the best deals. Investors who are interested in taking advantage of the real estate market in Massachusetts right now may find it helpful to consult an attorney before signing on the dotted line of any deal, just to make sure that their best interests will be upheld in the long run.

Source:, “Commercial real estate steady but future is uncertain say leaders“, Steve Randall, May 8, 2017