December sees less divorce filings; many wait until January

Divorce is one of those things that happen all across the country all year long. While there are those individuals that hastily file for divorce just to get it over with, a lot of people actually put thought into the timing of their divorce filing. That’s why it makes sense that December is a slow month for divorce filings.

Many people, especially those with kids, often want to wait out the holidays as to not ruin the spirit of the season. Even individuals without children may wait out the holidays as to not upset their family members.

While December may be slow for filings, once January hits, the filings pick up. They continue to increase in volume until March. There may be several reasons behind this trend. One reason may be that people start researching divorce options in January and finally make the decision to file in March. For others, it may be that they are waiting to receive a bonus that they can use toward paying a retainer fee. Still others may want to file in January in hopes that their bonus will not be considered marital property.

The cost of divorce can range greatly, with mediation often costing somewhere in the mid-thousands and typical litigated divorce proceedings (with children involved) costing anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000. It makes sense that people would rather use their money for holiday spending during the holiday season than on a divorce.

Although December may be a slow month for filings, it certainly isn’t for other types of family law disputes, especially child custody issues. At this time of year, parents often squabble over where a child will spend the holidays.