Divorce and Facebook are not a good combination

You’ve likely heard that you should stay off of Facebook and other social media sites during your divorce. You might be tempted to share photos from that terrific weekend you spent with your girlfriends on Cape Cod, but there are ways that your soon-to-be ex could use them against you. It’s just better to lay low on social media until your divorce is final.

There are other reasons, though, that you might want to avoid Facebook. For instance, you might feel excluded. You may be having a difficult time right now anyway, especially if friends you shared as couple have decided to stick with your ex. Seeing photos of them at a party with your ex can be hurtful, even if no one meant for it to be.

Some Facebook users seem to keep a low profile — that is until you have something negative to say. You might post up one negative thing in the form of a rant and 200 positive things, but these “negative news Nellies” are only going to come out to comment on your negative post.

Does it seem as though everyone’s lives are better than yours? You might feel as though all you see is photos of perfect families, looking fantastic and vacationing on the beach. Remember that some of those people you know rather well and well, happy isn’t what you use to describe them!

If you’re in the midst of a divorce, no matter how amicably it may be going, a post on Facebook that hits either of you wrong could cause difficulties. Until the divorce is over, it might be wise to simply avoid social media. Your attorney can provide more insight into this and other topics.

Source: Huffington Post, “Facebook: Is It The Devil For Divorcees?,” Jackie Pilossoph, May 13, 2016