Divorce mediation offers multiple benefits

The process of ending a marriage can be stressful from an emotional standpoint as well as a financial one. However, divorce mediation is ideal for those who prefer an alternative to divorce litigation. Mediation offers many benefits in Massachusetts.

Mediation enables people to accomplish family law-related solutions tailored to their circumstances. Two divorcing parties can simply communicate with each other in an honest manner with an attorney’s guidance. In this way, they can address their disputes in a way that is more agreeable, economic and productive.

The disputes addressed through mediation may involve matters such as the payment of health insurance, college expenses, debt division and property division. They might also involve visitation, child support, alimony and child custody. In matters involving children, mediation can be particularly useful because this process lays the groundwork for the co-parents’ future cooperation in rearing their children. Even the most challenging situations can have satisfactory resolutions with proper legal guidance.

In addition to paying lower legal costs — including savings in court costs and discovery costs — people who go through divorce mediation in the state of Massachusetts can also experience less emotional stress. This is possible because their conversations will be focused on reaching a settlement rather than on the polarizing differences between the divorcing parties. The divorcing individuals can also move at their own pace and can enjoy the benefit of keeping their conversations confidential. With an applied understanding of the law, both parties can work toward a solution that recognizes both individuals’ concerns and needs.