No end in sight for difficult 17-year divorce battle

As many readers of our Massachusetts family law blog are aware, divorce can be one of the most difficult experiences of one’s life. Even in an uncontested Massachusetts Divorce, emotions may run high over issues concerning child custody, Division of marital property and debts and Spousal support. In divorces involving significant litigation, a matter can last months or even years. Although certainly not the norm, a divorce case from the Midwest serves as an extreme example of a lengthy, contentious divorce and the issues that can be involved.

The rare divorce case has been going on for 17 years. It has far outweighed the former couple’s marriage, which lasted 10 years. The nearly two-decade divorce battle has caused the judges assigned to hear their case to reprimand the pair, who are both law professors. Their divorce and post-divorce suits have involved more than 1,400 filings.

So what has been involved in the 17-year long divorce battle? Over the years, the ex-wife has called police to her former husband’s workplace on numerous different occasions. Both ex-spouses have gained and lost custody of their two children, who are now 17 and 20. Judges presiding over their case have also issued several complaints against the former spouses regarding their violations of the rules of the court.

The highly contentious and litigated divorce is certainly not the average case. Most divorce cases can be resolved in a matter of months. Others that involve issues such as child custody and child support can generally be resolved in around a year. Of course, each case is unique and involves special issues. An experienced family law attorney can help clients get a positive outcome in even the most contentious of Massachusetts Divorce cases.

Source: USA Today, “17-year divorce fight tests Ohio courts,” Kimball Perry, Aug. 12, 2013