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Throughout the divorce process clear advice and practical experience is a crucial asset. We excel in cases involving all levels of alimony and asset (including debt) division. Your rights depend on legal advocacy and knowledge of several statutory factors that govern asset and debt division and the cases that interpret these statutes. Your lawyer must know the law and be well-practiced in the nuanced advocacy that these cases require. Understanding what property must be included in the marital estate, how such assets are valued, what tax or other consequences may apply to certain assets, and when expert accounting or other support is needed is key to succeeding in such cases. We have years of experience that will guide you through these issues.

We also have outstanding experience representing clients seeking or contesting alimony awards in complex situations. We excel in investigating and advocating about sources of revenue that can, or cannot, be included in the spousal support debate. A detailed understanding of the interplay between alimony and child support also is necessary. We will work towards a legally and financially reasonable alimony award, considering all the factors affecting your life. We understand that life changes following a divorce may sometimes require revisiting the original alimony award.

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