Star’s father obtains child support modification after losing job

Child support is a serious divorce legal issue. It is important to support a child’s best interests, and paying child support can help cover his or her education, medical and every day needs. Though the court system attempts to reach a fair amount of payment which the owing parent should pay to the custodial parent, sometimes changed circumstances make it difficult or impossible for the owing parent to make full payments. In these instances, it may be possible to obtain a child support modification.

The father of famous singer Beyoncé, Matthew Knowles, recently acquired such a modification. According to reports, Knowles income drastically dropped once he was fired from his position as Beyoncé’s manager. Though he once owed $12,000 a month to his ex-wife, a judged determined $2,500 a month was a more suitable amount for him to pay considering his lost income.

By obtaining a reduction in child support an owing parent can continue to support his or her child’s needs while protecting his or her own financial well-being. Though a custodial parent may want full payment of the original amount, a modification may help ensure at least some money is received. After all, no one wins when an owing parent cannot afford to pay what he or she owes.

A Worcester Family Law attorney can help Massachusetts residents with post judgment modification matters. Whether one struggles with alimony or child support, changes in circumstances may justify a modification. These modifications may be obtained if an individual sees decreased wages, loses his or her job, or experiences difficulties regarding his or her health. In the end, these modifications ease the financial burden placed on a parent while enabling him or her to continue her to contribute to his or her financial obligation as a parent.

Source: The Houston Chronicle, “Beyoncé’s father granted cut in child support,” Mar. 5, 2014