Advice on how to make the divorce process easier

Even in cases where an individual wants and files first for a divorce, the actual process is never quick or easy. There are, however, behaviors in which divorcing spouses may engage that make an already difficult situation that much more unpleasant. While many individuals enter the process pledging to rise above the divorce acrimony they’ve likely heard so much about, emotions can get the best of even the most level-headed and mild-mannered individual.

A divorce may be contentious right from the start or may increasingly become contentious as a couple attempts to sort out matters related to child custody and the division of property. When negative emotions begin to drive one’s behavior, it’s important to hit the pause button and take a deep breath.

While a difficult process, divorce and the unavoidable negotiations with an ex that come with it, are necessary and should be viewed as a means to building a happier future. And while some exes remain focused on continuing to make each other’s lives miserable and unhappy, those divorcing couples who are able to move beyond their own hurt, anger and resentment ultimately end up saving themselves and their children a lot of heartache, time and money.

For the sake of everyone involved, divorcing individuals should do their best to act in a civil manner towards one another. This is especially important in cases where a couple has children together and will continue to be tethered to one another for years to come. It’s also important with regard to brokering a divorce settlement that is mutually-beneficial and helps ensure for an individual’s current and future financial security.

Source: The Huffington Post, “3 Mistakes To Avoid In Your Divorce,” Jason Levoy, Sept. 29, 2015