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A contempt complaint should be filed when someone does not comply with a court order that binds them. We will file a contempt complaint on your behalf asking the court to force your spouse to comply with his or her obligations. If you are served with a contempt complaint that claims you have disobeyed a court order, we will investigate the matter, prepare a good-faith response to protect you, and limit your harm as much as possible.

If you were divorced some time ago and now there are aspects of your divorce judgment that do not reflect material and substantial recent changes, or the provisions are no longer workable due to changes over time, you may want to request a modification of the court order. Modifications may involve changes in financial matters such as child support or alimony, payment of college expenses or they may involve changes in parenting plans, or custody arrangements. We will help you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a potential modification claim; and develop an appropriate legal plan.

SederLaw helps clients with family law modifications in Worcester from their primary office as well as clients throughout MetroWest from their Westborough office.

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