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Business transactions cover a wide range of agreements and deals that companies make to carry out their work, branch into new industries and geographic areas, and build upon their business relationships. From entrepreneurs and new companies to established family businesses and multinational corporations, your organization can benefit from sound legal counseling. It starts with retaining a law firm with a proven track record of helping Massachusetts businesses implement their transactions with confidence. That firm is SederLaw.

Business Transactions We Assist Clients With

From purchases, deals, contracts, and agreements, both large and small, our dedicated Business and Corporate Law practice group has helped countless clients negotiate, structure, and execute all manner of business transactions. These are just a few examples:

Buying or selling a business. You may be interested in purchasing a business and lining up the necessary legal paperwork to make it happen. On the other hand, perhaps you are ready to sell your company and venture into a new chapter in your life. If you are buying or selling a business, we have you and your organization covered.

Purchase and sale agreements. If you’re ready to purchase or sell goods and services, you will need to make sure your interests and rights are protected. These agreements should specify critical details such as the identity or nature of the good or service; the full price; the expected delivery or performance date; and much more.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A). These are sometimes complex business deals that effectively combine two or more companies to maximize profits, minimize costs, and branch into new markets or locations. We advise both buyers and sellers in all types of M&As and handle critical steps like due diligence and negotiating the terms of the deal.

Reorganization and restructuring. Reorganizing or restructuring a business generally refers to a process to overhaul the current operation, strategy, or legal arrangement of a company. These steps are often needed when a business encounters financial trouble or new management and may result in anything from an updated name and tax structure to offering new products and services.

Contracts. From relatively simple contracts to multi-party agreements, you need knowledgeable legal counsel to assist with negotiating, drafting, and executing the contracts your business will use. Our firm understands not only the relevant laws that will govern your agreement but the business considerations necessary to ensure the contract is comprehensive and in your best interests.

Commercial purchasing and leasing. Your business may want to acquire commercial property, either to own or to lease. We’re prepared to handle all aspects of this important decision, from negotiating your lease or purchase to putting together the final agreement and advising you on your rights.

Real estate development, land use, and zoning. The real estate industry has its own special rules and regulations that concern development, land use, and zoning. All of these are essential if your company’s goal is to expand into new geographic areas or change how the property you acquire may be used. SederLaw can take care of all related legal matters.

Business financing. To expand your business or continue to carry out its operations, you may occasionally need financing. Our firm can help you obtain the financing you need and help you understand your obligations to the lender.

Franchising. Whether you are interested in franchising your business or buying into an already existing franchise, you need to understand the duties and rights involved. Franchising is no simple matter, and a mistake could jeopardize your product or service reputation (if you’re the franchisor) or land you in court for breaching the franchise agreement (if you’re the franchisee).

Licensing and intellectual property agreements. Perhaps your business wants to acquire a license or offer licensing agreements. On the other hand, you may want to allow others to use your intellectual property while protecting your rights. These transactions are fairly unique and often involve the application of federal law, such as trademark and copyright.

Business dissolution. You may be ready to exit your business, but you cannot simply walk away without the risk of incurring legal liability. Dissolving your business is a delicate matter that may involve insurers, creditors, debtors, customers, and even the government. We will take the necessary steps so you can wind down and close your business or your interest in one.

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What Does a Business Transactions Lawyer Do?

Knowing the relevant business laws that affect the above (and other) transactions is a basic requirement of any business lawyer. But SederLaw approaches every client matter by bringing relevant experience in the business world to the table. Several of our lawyers are former small business owners, hold advanced business and finance degrees, and have served as officers or directors for corporations. This allows us to view your legal matter through the lens of what makes financial sense to your organization.

We assist clients by taking the time to understand and appreciate the nature of their business transaction and the ultimate goal of completing it. With this in mind, we will craft a strategy that is customized for the exact needs of your company. We will represent you from start to finish and address any concerns or questions you have. Our firm’s lawyers practice across numerous interrelated areas, so you get the benefit of a multidisciplinary approach when you hire SederLaw to represent you.

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Regardless of the size of your company or the nature of your business transaction, our attorneys are invested in your long-term success. Don’t leave your company’s future to chance. If you’re a party to a business transaction or you’d like to learn more about our legal services, reach out to SederLaw. Call today to connect with our Business & Corporate Law team.

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