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Real estate and land use are two closely interconnected disciplines that require not only extensive legal knowledge but an understanding of the complex social, political, and cultural climates in which matters routinely emerge. SederLaw is adept at handling all aspects of these practice areas with the highest professional and ethical standards that our clients have come to expect. No matter the size or scope of your project, you can count on our considerable experience.

From property owners and developers to retailers and project managers, the first step in our approach to real estate and land use issues is to gain a thorough understanding of the specific matters that face our clients. They may have questions regarding the zoning and permitting process that’s required to initiate a new residential development. Or they have concerns about environmental issues that could prove to be an obstacle to the project.

Whatever our clients’ needs, SederLaw is prepared to assist at each step of the way, from planning, financing, and construction to regulatory compliance and environmental impact assessments. These enterprises tend to be time-consuming and complicated, and can raise unpredictable roadblocks that may threaten the viability of the project. You need a law firm that’s responsive and ready to take care of any and all issues that can arise from start to finish.

Examples Of Real Estate And Land Use Projects

SederLaw has successfully represented clients in a wide range of real estate and land use matters. These are only a few examples of the projects that our satisfied clients have relied upon our law firm to help with:

  • Residential subdivisions
  • Commercial development
  • Retail stores and shopping centers
  • Housing projects
  • Renovations and refurbishments
  • Non-profit and religious real estate projects
  • Apartment complexes
  • Condominiums

These and other real estate endeavors don’t just happen in isolation. They require input and sometimes approval from a variety of private, public, community, and financial interests. In some cases, these and other entities can threaten to prevent a project from going forward or may even initiate litigation to attempt to stop it. We work closely with our clients to devise creative answers to any problems that arise so the project can be brought to fruition.

A row of single family homes mid construction

Real Estate And Land Use Issues We Handle

Every real estate and land use matter is different and could involve anything from relatively routine questions to novel problems that require innovative, custom-made legal solutions. SederLaw has the skill set necessary to address these and other issues:

  • Purchase and financing. If you’re prepared to purchase a desired piece of real estate, we’re ready to draft and execute all necessary purchase and sale contracts and other documents to complete the deal. We also arrange financing for our clients, including complex financing for large or unusual projects.
  • Title issues. Ensuring the property you wish to purchase has a clear title is one of the most vital first steps of any real estate matter. We conduct all necessary title searches and help resolve any defects that are identified.
  • Zoning and permitting. Before you can begin your real estate project, you may need to have the land rezoned for the particular use you need. SederLaw can also secure the necessary construction permits and ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Environmental issues. Some projects invoke special environmental requirements, including those involving coastal or other sensitive development. Our team will review these issues with you and ensure that all necessary state and federal rules are followed.
  • Easement issues. An easement could prevent construction of a new real estate development or the expansion of an existing one. We identify any easement problems that could stand in the way and get to work addressing them.
  • Appearance before administrative bodies. Real estate and land use issues frequently require hearings before planning and zoning boards and other administrative units. We draw upon our strong relationships with local, state, and federal boards and regulators to remove these hurdles.
  • Commercial projects. We also help with commercial real estate projects, including planning, financing, zoning, and much more. We can assist with commercial leasing issues, including drafting and negotiation of leases with commercial tenants.

Transactional And Litigation Issues

Much of the work that goes into real estate and land use is of a transactional nature: purchase and sale agreements, deeds, contracts, leases, permits, and much more. However, there are times when litigation might become necessary. To that end, SederLaw is prepared to represent clients when they are faced with issues such as:

  • Eminent domain
  • Condemnation
  • Quiet title actions
  • Construction defects
  • Lien enforcement or removal
  • Partitions
  • Owner or contractor disputes

These and other matters could arise at any time during the life of a project, or even after the work is completed. Where possible, we employ out-of-court solutions such as mediation or arbitration to successfully resolve any conflicts. But SederLaw is prepared to take your real estate and land use matter to court if necessary. We can also appeal adverse rulings where feasible, including those handed down by administrative bodies like planning boards.

Street lined with modern apartment housing

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