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SederLaw’s Banking & Finance group has been one of the cornerstone practice areas of the firm for over 100 years. We provide seasoned, prudent legal counsel to a wide range of banking and financial institutions, corporations, individuals, and others. We also draw from other practice groups within the firm to offer practical advice to meet the daily and long-term needs of our clients. Our results have won a number of accolades and earned the respect and esteem of banking and finance professionals. We’re ready to advise and represent your organization today.

How We Serve Our Banking and Finance Clients

Banks and other financial institutions and companies are subject to complex regulations and laws that govern all aspects of their operations. As one of the most highly regulated industries in the country, these businesses face constant scrutiny by a number of state and federal regulatory bodies. Meanwhile, individual borrowers and investors need to understand the intricacies of banking and finance rules and how they may be affected by them. Our attorneys are prepared to address the needs of our banking and finance clients regardless of their size, stage of development, or business or personal endeavors.

These are a few of the services we provide:

  • New bank formation. Chartering new (de novo) banks is no small task but is absolutely vital to the economic health of the banking industry. We work with new banks through the regulatory approval process, development of business plans, and establishment of necessary capital thresholds. We also provide compliance advice to ensure the bank gets started on the right foot.
  • Mergers and acquisitions. Any merger or acquisition is complicated enough, but becomes exponentially more complex when banks or other financial institutions are involved. Proper attention to both due diligence and regulatory compliance is essential to making sure the merger or acquisition is a success and does not trigger liability issues.
  • Financing. We assist with financings of all types and sizes. These range from small-scale financing, including those involving the Small Business Administration, to large-scale, multimillion-dollar financings for large, national, and publicly traded financial institutions and established commercial borrowers. We help with general commercial financing, asset-based financing, construction financing, and real estate financing.
  • Capital transactions. Public and private companies often rely on capital raising transactions from early to late stages in order to support their operations and expansions. These include, among other types, angel investments, preferred stock, and mezzanine financings.
  • Other transactions. For all types of transactions, including capital, you will need an attorney to help ensure the deal is properly handled. This includes negotiating and structuring the deal, conducting due diligence, document drafting and preparation, and handling all other aspects of the arrangement from start to finish.
  • Individual lending and investing. We also provide personal lending and investment services, including for high-net-worth individuals. This includes but is not limited to lending negotiation and investment advising.
  • Debt and equity financing. Our firm can help with public and private sales of equity and debt securities for a variety of companies. We also represent commercial banks and other lending institutions with structuring, documenting, and negotiating all manner of unsecured and secured debt funds.
  • Acquisition of distressed entities. Investors and competitors often seek to acquire, sell, or invest in troubled financial institutions and other businesses, including those facing insolvency and bankruptcy. We can advise regarding the potential advantages and disadvantages of these transactions and handle due diligence, negotiations, and other elements of these deals.
  • Corporate governance. Every bank and financial institution needs efficient corporate governance structures to ensure smooth functioning, protect profits, and minimize liability. This includes proper risk management, dispute resolution, board structuring, internal auditing, and much more.
  • New product offerings. Banks and financial institutions routinely devise new consumer and commercial products such as insurance and investment offerings. But actually implementing these products is another matter. We can help your organization from the planning and development to the roll-out phase, with an eye towards risk management considerations.
  • Compliance. Regulatory compliance is an ongoing need for every business that conducts banking and financing. Our attorneys routinely serve as outside general or special counsel to financial institutions with respect to their compliance needs. That includes advising our clients as to new and emerging regulations that may impact their business.

The Types Of Clients We Represent

At SederLaw, we strive to serve the legal needs of financial institutions and corporations of all sizes, as well as individuals. That means we work hard to provide comprehensive representation and counsel to such varied clients as:

  • Banks, including regional, national, and community banks
  • Commercial borrowers and corporations
  • Credit unions
  • Trust companies
  • Hedge funds and private equity funds
  • Mezzanine financiers
  • Conduit lenders
  • Institutional and individual investors
  • Mortgage companies
  • Trade credit, equipment, and lease finance companies
  • Other borrowers and financiers

To provide proper and thorough guidance to our clients, we often consult attorneys practicing in SederLaw’s other groups, such as Business & Corporate, Tax, Real Estate, Private Equity, and Creditors’ Rights.

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