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Businesses and individuals rely on intellectual property to establish their unique brands and generate market value. At the same time, such property is often under attack and at risk of being misappropriated by unethical competitors, rogue nations, and unscrupulous individuals. Protecting your company’s assets must include taking steps to safeguard its copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property.

What A Worcester Intellectual Property Attorney Can Help With

SederLaw provides comprehensive legal services to help our clients acquire, maintain, and enforce their intellectual property rights. We handle both transactional and litigation matters to protect the best interests of individuals and businesses.

Creating And Enforcing Trademarks

A trademark is a unique symbol, word, or phrase that identifies a company’s goods and services and distinguishes them from competitors. Our attorneys assist with the following:

  • Working with businesses to select and develop their trademarks as part of their overall branding strategies
  • Helping companies determine whether similar and potentially confusing trademarks already exist
  • Applying for trademark protection, including preparing and filing all necessary paperwork
  • Managing both domestic and international trademark portfolios
  • Counseling companies on their legal rights related to the usage and enforcement of their trademarks
  • Registering and protecting website domain names
  • Advising businesses regarding corporate acquisitions that could implicate trademark matters

These are just a few of the steps necessary to initially secure your trademark rights. If your trademark is violated, our litigation team can also assist with:

  • Trademark infringement litigation, which may include pursuing unfair competition and false advertising claims
  • Prosecution and defense of opposition filings in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • Appeals of adverse decisions to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
  • Disputes of contested domain names via the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy and related standards
  • Mediation and alternative dispute resolution to settle litigation

From the creation and registration of your trademark to enforcement, litigation, and settlement of disputes and challenges related to it, we have you covered. That’s the level of service you can expect from our experienced intellectual property lawyers.

Registering And Protecting Copyrights

Copyright protects original works of authorship. This broad type of intellectual property secures the rights of such diverse individuals as writers and authors, painters, photographers, musicians, playwrights, and others, along with the businesses that produce them.

Creative works are copyrighted at the moment they become fixed in a tangible form. However, formal protection establishes a public record of copyrights so they can be enforced. Copyright registration is therefore required to sue a violator for infringement, to collect legal damages, and to recover attorney’s fees and court costs.

In light of these objectives, SederLaw offers these and other transactional and litigation services to copyright creators and holders:

  • Application for copyright registration, including preparation of all necessary documents
  • Explanation of your copyright protection and related legal rights
  • Help with all aspects of copyright licensing, including drafting licensing agreements
  • Litigation to enforce copyrights against threatened and actual infringement
  • Defense against alleged copyright violations
  • Assistance with corporate acquisitions and other business transactions that invoke copyright matters

We work to ensure that your copyright is properly registered so you can maximize its commercial use and profitability. Because we strenuously defend our clients’ intellectual property rights, we can also litigate in the event an individual or business violates your copyright or accuses you of the same.

Intellectual Property Licensing Agreements

Businesses and individuals don’t just create and use their own intellectual property, they often license the rights to these assets to other parties. As you or your company develop trademarks, copyrights, and other forms of intellectual property, you may find licensing to be a desirable form of business. Our attorneys facilitate all aspects of the licensing process with a focus on protecting your rights and interests. With that goal in mind, we specifically help with:

  • Preparation, negotiation, and drafting of license agreements, transfers, and similar documents
  • Litigation and alternative dispute resolution involving license agreement breaches
  • Legal defense in the event you or your business is accused of infringing others’ intellectual property licenses
  • General counsel with respect to the licensing of intellectual property rights

Protecting The Interests Of Software, Website, And Application Developers

An emerging area of intellectual property rights concerns businesses and individuals who develop and design software, websites, applications (also known as “apps”), and other digital and electronic property. These clients seek legal assistance to protect their rights, so our firm offers such services as:

  • Creation and enforcement of copyrights and trademarks as they apply to software, websites, and other digital content
  • Negotiation, drafting, and execution of end-user software licensing agreements
  • Risk assessment and advice for code developers who use tools, content, and materials from third parties
  • Aggressive legal action to protect domain names from misuse and infringement
  • Litigation and alternative dispute resolution to enforce your software and digital rights
  • General counsel to prevent you or your business from infringing others’ intellectual property rights

Contact Our Worcester Intellectual Property Attorney

The value of intellectual property cannot be overstated. It provides a means of earning and enhancing profits for both individuals and businesses. Intellectual assets also play a role in developing a market reputation and branding, helping you and your business have a competitive edge. At the same time, it’s important that you take steps to not violate the rights of others. You may be forced to defend against allegations that you or your company have engaged in infringement or have breached agreements related to intellectual property.

Every client who retains our firm has specific legal needs. Some matters are fairly routine and common, while others are novel and complex. Regardless, SederLaw is ready to provide you with seasoned representation and advocacy. Call today to connect with our Intellectual Property Law team.

SederLaw helps clients with intellectual property (IP) law in Worcester from their primary office as well as clients throughout MetroWest from their Westborough office.