Allen Iverson faces jail for failure to pay $71K in child support

Once a parent falls behind on child support payments, it can be difficult to be brought current. Life changes, lost jobs or simply an inability to pay are all reasons that child support payments may dwindle or cease altogether. In such a situation, Central Massachusetts family law attorneys can assist both the recipient and parent ordered to pay child support in reaching a resolution that can benefit all parties.

Although it is rare for a parent to be threatened with jail time for failure to pay child support, that has happened to former National Basketball Association star Allen Iverson. He currently owes more than $71,000 in back support. Failure to pay in full will result in an arrest warrant being issued in his name. It is not known why, but Iverson has refused to make arrangements to pay the back support. This comes after the former NBA superstar recently received $500,000.

Iverson was recently held in contempt of court by the judge presiding over his case for violation of a previous child support and custody order. He admitted in court that he had the financial ability to pay the child support, but refused to do so. He had also previously been ordered to enroll in a substance abuse program in order to maintain visitation rights with his children. It was at that point the judge gave him 72 hours to pay in full or he would be placed in jail until he agreed to do so.

While the child support and custody case involving Iverson is not the norm, it does serve as an example that jail time may be used in extreme cases. Contempt actions and jail can be avoided in most cases. With the assistance of an experienced Massachusetts family law attorney, modification of a child support order is possible in many cases. Despite the reasons for falling behind on child support payments, the most important thing is to keep the best interests of a child in mind. This includes making sure that they have the financial support necessary to thrive.

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