Being uncivil a mistake during divorce proceeding

The process of dissolving a marriage is typically difficult, emotionally and financially. However, people in Massachusetts and other states sometimes make divorce more difficult than it has to be. One way they do this is by fostering an atmosphere that embraces and actually encourages conflict.

Maintaining some maturity during the divorce process can seem impossible, but there is no reason to strike a future ex-spouse below the belt by insulting comments. It is also beneficial to avoid overly dramatic arguments. Engaging in these behaviors can quickly cause a divorce proceeding to become ugly and ridden with jealousy and fear.

Even if a soon-to-be-ex is attempting to create conflict during divorce, it would behoove the individual to avoid responding to any underhanded tactics. Aiming for amicability can be much more productive and effective in helping a person to achieve his or her specific aims in the divorce. Being civil is particularly important if a person’s future ex will end up being a co-parent following this type of family law proceeding.

If two individuals are able to see eye to eye during the divorce proceeding, they could consider negotiating on matters such as the division of property and the distribution of assets. This will help them to avoid further court intrusion, which can make the divorce proceeding more costly and stressful. Alternative dispute resolution options like mediation and collaborative divorce may be helpful. However, if the two divorcing parties cannot find common ground, they will have to allow a judge to make such important decisions for them in the state of Massachusetts.

Source:, “5 Mistakes to Avoid When Going Through a Divorce”, Julie Peirano, Nov. 10, 2016