Boston Scientific plans to relocate global HQ

Boston Scientific officials met with the Marlborough City Council recently to announce plans to move the company’s global headquarters to the city. Because this commercial real estate site is currently zoned partially as green space, the company is asking the council to change the zoning code so that the new building can be erected without variances sought from the Zoning Board of Appeals.

The company decided in November to move its headquarters from Natick to Marlborough, where it already has an existing facility. The changes to the zoning code would allow the company to consolidate the various buildings into one campus. The three existing buildings are near the intersection of Interstate 495 and Interstate 290; the company wants to construct a fourth building that will contain 110,000 feet of space as an office headquarters.

The present zoning laws would not allow bridges or walkways to connect buildings due to setback provisions. The company is also requesting a change in landscaping requirements and the method used to count parking spots for the buildings. Finally, the company is requesting a change in the height limits for the new buildings. The City Council has voted to send the requests to the Urban Affairs Committee.

The details surrounding a business real estate purchase or move may be complex and can cause problems for company owners if they are not thoroughly worked out early in the purchase or moving process. An experienced business attorney may be able to advise a company’s management when a move is planned in order to minimize the delays and problems that can develop. Company owners may also want to consult a business lawyer about their rights in contract negotiations or for assistance with zoning laws.

Source: The Metrowest Daily News, “Boston Scientific seeks zoning changes for its Marlborough global HQ,” Kendall Hatch, Feb. 26, 2013