Breach of contract can have negative consequences

An accurate and clear contract is foundational to a successful business. Unfortunately, sometimes breach of contract issues arise when it comes to partnership contracts or employment contracts. An attorney in Massachusetts can assist you in drafting a brand new contract or in reviewing an existing contract to make sure that your rights are protected.

A business contract can easily become complicated depending on its context. In some situations, complications surface because some contracts are inherently more complex than others are. With legal guidance, you can eliminate any vague wording or preventable ambiguity in a contract you are trying to draft, and you can also make sure that an existing contract is just based on your perspective.

Conflicts may involve not only employment and partnership contracts but also severance agreements. Disputes may also occur with regard to non-solicitation clauses or non-compete clauses. Non-disclosure agreements, international/domestic distribution agreements and sale/purchase agreements may also spark disagreement if the language in them is ambiguous and thus leads to a misunderstanding.

Breaches of contract are serious, with the potential of having damaging consequences for both parties under contract. For instance, it can lead to negative publicity for both parties depending on the situation in addition to being stressful and costly in terms of money, time and energy. When a dispute related to a breach of contract occurs, an attorney in Massachusetts will investigate the matter thoroughly to pinpoint the issue’s root cause and work to address the issue through legal recourse. You can receive guidance on how to minimize all damages incurred as a result of the matter.