Business litigation involves alleged copyright infringement

A company responsible for collecting artists’ and songwriters’ royalties recently decided to sue 12 establishments in various states, including one in Massachusetts, for copyright infringement. According to the company that initiated the business litigation, the establishments were playing the artists’ music without paying the artists. Any business owner in Massachusetts who feels that he or she is a victim of copyright infringement can likewise seek justice through the civil court system.

In the recent copyright infringement case, the plaintiff claimed that businesses that use copyrighted music can seek permission to do this legally via a license. The license covers a repertory of more than 11 million musical pieces. The cost for restaurants and bars is under a couple of dollars per day on average.

According to the plaintiff, the establishments it is suing did not get the appropriate license for playing various songs. The company asserted that it had repeatedly made efforts to get the establishments licensed, but the establishments still failed to do this. In fact, the company claimed that it had reached out to one of the establishments a total of 70 times within a five-year period, but to no avail. The companies being sued range from restaurants and nightclubs to bars and grills.

The result of business litigation involving copyright infringement is based on multiple factors. When a business owner alleges copyright infringement, the court will take a look at the quantity of content that an unauthorized party allegedly used. The court will also examine whether the creative work’s market was negatively impacted by the reported infringement. An attorney in Massachusetts can provide business owners with the guidance they need to navigate these types of lawsuits, ensuring that their rights are protected each step of the way.