Business litigation may be necessary after filing insurance claim

One of the worst things that can happen to you as a Massachusetts business owner is to watch a destructive event occur on your property. Unfortunately, theft, an accident or a fire can occur at any time, in which case you can file a claim with your insurance company. Here is a glimpse at how to go about the claims process and what your options are — for example, business litigation — should you encounter issues during this process.

First, it would behoove you to contact the insurance company immediately to file a claim. In addition, if a theft or burglary was your issue, you may want to report the incident to your local police department in Massachusetts. Then, you can begin to gather important information you will need during the claim process.

For instance, you will need to know the income that your business was producing prior to your loss and following your loss. It may also be helpful to maintain a detailed record of your business activity along with the additional expenses you must pay to keep your company running at a temporary spot during your period of interruption. In some cases, however, your insurance company will refuse to give you the settlement amount to which you believe you are entitled. In this situation, having assistance from an attorney can help you to pursue this amount, either outside of court or in court, if necessary.

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