Census Bureau: billions in child support unpaid by parents

A report released by the Census Bureau shows a statistic that may be disturbing to some in Massachusetts. According to 2011’s data, 48 percent, or more than $14 billion, of child support owed to custodial parents in the United States went unpaid. Perhaps even worse is the fact that only a little more than 43 percent of custodial parents received their full child support payments. The report found noncustodial parents who are older and more educated are more likely to make their support payments, but this is little relief to those who find themselves going without much needed financial assistance.

Divorce, no matter the situation, can be difficult for the parties involved. All kinds of legal issues can inundate them with opposing views, leading to fights that may be nearly impossible to resolve. Amongst these is child support. Fortunately, a divorcing parent can seek help from a Worcester Divorce Lawyer who may be able to assist in negotiating a fair child support amount. If the issue goes before a judge, then the attorney will do his or her best to obtain the amount of support the child needs and deserves to live a fulfilling life.

Yet, it is important to note that not all parents who do not make their child support payments in full choose not to. Often, these individuals find themselves victims of financial hardship. When this happens, a divorce attorney may be able to help the individual obtain a child support modification, thereby lessening the amount owed and keeping the individual out of legal trouble. This may also make it possible for the noncustodial parent to remain active in the child’s life.

Through the cloud of emotional quarrels it can sometimes be forgotten that child support contests are about the child. In the end, both parents should want to support what is best for the child. An experienced family law attorney will work to make sure the child is in the best position possible, regardless of whether the noncustodial parent is present in his or her life.

Source: Highlands Today, “One-third of child support is uncollected Census Bureau: More than $14 billion owed to custodial parents,” Gary Pinnel, Dec. 20, 2013