Commercial real estate land use/zoning real estate disputes

You take pride in owning your own business, but sudden legal hiccups can easily derail your confidence as an entrepreneur. This is particular true when it comes to commercial real estate land use/zoning real estate disputes. Here is a look at what you can expect if your business property’s land is being subjected to a zoning change in Massachusetts.

Land use and zoning regulations are constantly evolving throughout the United States, including in Massachusetts. This is partly due to today’s environmental laws, which are becoming increasingly strict. In addition, regulations regarding zoning and land use in Massachusetts are different from one municipality to the next.

It is for this reason that consulting an attorney is a wise move if a zoning change may impact your business. An attorney can walk you through the regulations governing your local area so that you understand the requirements regarding zoning and permits there. However, your attorney can also guide you through the administrative appeals process if you wish to appeal an adverse decision regarding zoning and land use. The goal of such a process is to overturn a zoning or land use change or to obtain an exemption so that you can keep operating your business as usual.

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