Commercial real estate makes sense for first-time investor

Some experts suggest that commercial real estate in Massachusetts and elsewhere can be a perfect opportunity for the first-time investor. The time to make such an investment, however, would be when there is no need for the invested funds to become liquid for at least a few years. Just like in the stock market, the commercial real estate market runs in cycles so that a downward turn will always snap back eventually.

This means that one must have the time as well as the capital to invest. One must go into the investment with the commitment to see it through, i.e., with staying power. When seriously considering such a venture, it is appropriate to consult with a real estate attorney who has a great depth of experience in commercial real estate.

The relationship with an attorney can be set in motion for providing the legal services that one will need when the property is purchased. In addition, a wealth of information can be learned in a preliminary consultation about the pros and cons, and the long-term benefits, of commercial real estate investing. Some of the benefits include favored tax status and various potential tax advantages from local, state and even federal governments.

Experts assert that real estate is a solid investment located somewhere between non-risky bonds and more risky stocks. They also recommend that the new investor be ready to freely part with a real estate investment when the market has gone up and a profit is clearly indicated. The investor, however, should always also proceed with caution and should not expect a get-rich-quick outcome. It takes time, focus, attention and hard work to turn a steady profit in commercial real estate and to sell when appropriate. Having the guidance of an experienced commercial real estate attorney for Massachusetts is a big plus for the enthusiastic first-time investor.

Source:, “Commercial real estate could offer perfect mix for first-time investor“, Becky Raspe, May 1, 2018