Dealing with legal contracts during a merger

Taking part in a merger in Massachusetts can understandably be exciting. At the same time, mergers and acquisitions can be very complicated due to the many complex stages involved. These stages range from engaging in financial negotiations to closing the transaction.

If you are interested in merging with another business, it is critical that you understand the tax-related consequences of such a process. You also need to know how sound your buyer’s financing is, as well as the impact of indemnification and disclosure provisions in order to avoid liability in the future. This will help you to put together an agreement that anticipates and addresses future contingencies.

Other issues that may crop up during your merger involve nonsolicitation and noncompete terms. In addition, will anyone from your current business remain a part of the new business in a management or consultant capacity? Furthermore, you must tackle any outstanding obligations or conflicts that have not yet been resolved. An attorney in Massachusetts can help you to address these matters as well as issues related to structure and name changes, vendors and partnerships.

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