Dealing with probate litigation on large estates

Losing a loved one can understandably be difficult to deal with emotionally. However, dealing with the estate that the individual left behind — especially if it is a large one — can be just as challenging. An attorney in Massachusetts can help you to effectively deal with the delays and issues that are common when dealing with probate on large estates.

Your attorney can help you to resolve issues ranging from guardianship disputes to will contests. Other issues you may need to tackle as part of probate administration may involve the terms or validity of a will or codicil. In addition, you might have questions regarding a fiduciary’s honesty or competence that you need an attorney to help you resolve. This fiduciary could be a conservator, guardian, trustee, administrator or executor.

Additional matters that must be addressed with large estates in Massachusetts include disputes concerning asset ownership and transfers. Disputes might also crop up between trustees and beneficiaries. Even actions that have been taken under medical powers of attorney or financial powers of attorney may spark disputes that must be handled during probate administration. In some cases, an attorney may have to step in to mediate or negotiate these types of matters, whereas in other situation, litigation may be necessary to get you the results you want.

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