Debunking child custody myths in a Massachusetts divorce

There have always been myths associated with child support payments and child custody. The counsel of an experienced Worcester Divorce Lawyer can be imperative when questions arise, because many myths are not founded in fact nor law. For instance, many people believe that if they are not current on their support payments, this may interfere with Child custody and visitation. However, this is simply not true. The confusion often arises from the complexities of the family law system.

In many cases, the court system can be very forgiving. Courts are often willing to work with mothers and fathers behind on Child support payments to catch up on arrearage. Being put in jail or charged with a crime for failure to pay support are often last resorts.

Massachusetts parents should know their legal rights and enforce those rights. If a payor has fallen behind on child support payments, recipients should seek to enforce the obligation. There are numerous ways to ensure recipients receive court-ordered support. Paychecks can be garnished and tax refunds may be intercepted. Many people do not know that social security checks can also be intercepted, as well as things such as lottery winnings. A lien can also be attached to a payor’s property, including bank accounts. Authorities can also deny the issuance of a passport and driver’s license privileges can be suspended.

Sometimes a payor’s financial situation changes so that he or she can no longer afford the child support payments. In these cases, a modification may be sought and payments can be altered so the payor can catch up on any arrearage. The advice of an experienced Massachusetts family law professional can always be sought when questions arise over child support payments and custody arrangements.

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