Divorce can be emotionally tough for the children

Getting divorced in Massachusetts can understandably be challenging for both parents, but it can also be emotionally challenging for the children involved. This is particularly true when the two parents have a hard time finding common ground in the area of child custody during their divorce. New research shows that even though children may have a hard time adjusting to the split-up of their parents, pediatricians can play a role in helping them through this process.

According to the research, pediatricians can assist parents in understanding how their children react to a divorce. The children’s reactions can vary depending on their stages of development and their ages. In light of this, it is beneficial for parents to try to answer their children’s questions in as honest a way as possible.

It is also wise for parents who are getting divorced to allow their children to express their own feelings during this type of family law proceeding. Parents of over a million children in the US break up every year and need extra support to cope with the emotional trauma it can cause. Pediatricians can help to maintain a neutral relationship with each parent and let them know when intervention is necessary for their children.

If two parents in Massachusetts can see eye to eye regarding child custody during divorce, they can work toward a parenting agreement that pleases both parties. This agreement is then submitted for final approval by a judge. It is within the rights of both parties to seek the outcomes they desire while most importantly considering the best interests of the child.

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