Divorce chances increase due to specific risk factors

People in Massachusetts generally do not enter marriage with the expectation of getting divorced. However, life happens, and sometimes, divorce is unavoidable. Research shows that a couple of personal characteristics increase a person’s chances of getting divorced.

First, whether two spouses attend religious services can have a major impact on their divorce risk. A recent university study indicated that people who do not attend religious services together double their chances of getting divorced. Understandably, not everybody has religious beliefs. However, failure to attend a religious service is merely a risk factor.

Second, if one spouse is a workaholic, this is apparently a risk factor for a marital breakup. Being a workaholic is easy these days, as people are constantly on their devices and can find it challenging to disconnect themselves from work. However, a recent study showed that a couple is two times as likely to get divorced if either party — or both — spend most of his or her life working.

Just as a marriage can be difficult right before the divorce papers are filed, the process of getting divorced can be equally as stressful. However, if both spouses are willing to find common ground through divorce mediation or negotiation, for example, this may make the breakup process easier to manage. Meanwhile, if they cannot see eye to eye on how to handle matters such as property division, they have no choice but to go to divorce trial. Either way, an attorney in Massachusetts can help a spouse to pursue the most personally beneficial outcome, considering the facts of the divorce case.

Source: romper.com, “If These 7 Things Are True About Your Partner Before Marriage, You’re Twice As Likely To Get Divorced“, Lauren Schumacker, May 7, 2018