Divorce coaches and attorneys can both help during breakups

Navigating a marital breakup is far from a simple process. In Massachusetts and elsewhere, divorce can be both emotionally and financially challenging to handle. This is why many divorcing individuals are seeking the help of both attorneys and divorce coaches during this type of family law proceeding.

Attorneys and divorce coaches are not the same types of professionals. Attorneys focus on providing legal guidance and advice about their clients’ rights. However, divorce coaches focus on providing clients with the support they need to make their marital breakups go smoothly.

Divorce coaches, for example, might help those who are going through divorce to collect their essential documents to present to their attorneys. These documents may include tax returns or papers showing who owns certain assets and their values. Divorce coaches also help clients to feel more self-assured and to communicate with their attorneys, future exes and other relevant parties as efficiently as possible. These professionals may additionally provide clients with emotional support when they are overwhelmed by their breakups and thus feel unprepared to tackle the issues that come with divorce.

Getting divorced can be a difficult situation no matter how many or few assets two people have accumulated in Massachusetts. Divorce can become especially tough, however, if young children are involved, as decisions regarding child custody and child support must be made as well. However, both an attorney and a divorce coach can help those who are getting divorced to tackle each issue with confidence and to achieve the best outcomes possible for themselves considering their unique circumstances.