Divorce does come with some positives, too

It is natural for people in Massachusetts and other parts of the United States to want to get married and enjoy lasting marriages. This is because a happy marriage is a core part of the long-pursued American dream. However, at least 40 percent of people end up going through divorce across the nation. Yes, divorce can be tough to navigate, but it also comes with some noteworthy perks.

For one, research indicates that 75 percent of individuals who are married have issues with their in-laws. Especially, daughters-in-law and mothers-in-law may have serious conflict that ends up eating away at the marital relationship. A major perk of divorce is that spouses who end their marriages can also end their relationships with the in-laws they perhaps have struggled to tolerate for years.

Another positive aspect of getting divorced is getting the chance to experience a happy home again. In a family with minor children, this is just as true for the parents as it is for the children. Following divorce, two people can finally dictate how they run their own homes, and as a result, home can once again be a place they look forward to returning to each night.

Yet another silver lining in a divorce situation is that going through stressful divorce litigation may be avoidable. If two spouses are willing to find common ground when it comes to issues like property distribution, they can reach a settlement agreement through alternative dispute resolution options, such as mediation. During such processes, an attorney in Massachusetts will strive to ensure that the client’s best interests and rights are upheld every step of the way.