Divorce doesn’t mean death

Because of the difficult time many people have during and after divorce, they may feel as though they simply cannot go on. Some equate divorce with death, but it doesn’t have to be like that. You don’t have to feel as though you have already been defeated before you have even began to move toward your new life.

One woman heard from a friend who was divorced that it takes two years for every year of marriage for her to heal. The woman said her friend had added, “Divorce is like death.”

While this statement could feel like the truth for many divorced couples, the woman said she decided that she wasn’t going to allow this to happen to her. It was simply the thought of living for another 10 years with the heartbreak of divorce that made her feel heartbroken. She didn’t want to be so consumed with grief over the loss of her marriage that she couldn’t fulfill her dreams or live a full and happy life.

Some days, she admits, were better than others. She would spend some days talking to supportive and loving friends and family members. She would spend other days in tears. Her kids and she began to do things on their own together. She wanted to do her crying and then begin to move forward so she could smile again.

She found her lost identity and started being proactive towards healing. She found that divorce can really mean Dreams and not Death. Big dreams, which she fulfilled and then dreamed some more. Her advice is to dream big, both for your children and for yourself. Try new things and learn that divorce doesn’t have to be the final chapter in your book, but it can be the beginning.

When divorce is looming, you may feel like there is no way you can get through it alone. You don’t have to. A compassionate, experienced Worcester attorney can help you begin again and will by your side during the divorce process.

Source: Huffington Post, “The ‘D’ in Divorce Doesn’t Have to Mean Death,” Rachel G. Scott, April 21, 2016