Divorce mediation offers multiple benefits

Through mediation, a couple who is going through a divorce can attempt to resolve issues involving matters such as debt, property division and child support. Other issues that can be solved through this process, which is professionally guided, include the payment of college expenses, health insurance and alimony. Mediation offers several benefits when compared to divorce litigation in Massachusetts.

One of the benefits of divorce mediation is that lower legal costs are typically associated with it. The process can also be less stressful than litigation. In addition, it is faster, and the outcome may include solutions that are more acceptable to the parties for addressing their financial and practical needs.

When the parties agree to mediation, they can meet with the mediator — either together or independently — so that the mediator learns about the concerns and thoughts of each individual. Then, one session or multiple sessions are scheduled. Both parties are typically accompanied by their respective attorneys for all mediation sessions. The mediator’s goal is to help the parties achieve a result that is practical, fair and acceptable to both of them.

Every divorce case in the state of Massachusetts is different, which means there is no one solution that fits all situations involving custody, property division and visitation, for example. With the right legal guidance, you can use the divorce mediation process to fight for an amicable outcome that is ultimately in your best interests. In the end, being able to save money, time and stress through this alternative to litigation can improve your life, your children’s lives and your relationship with your co-parent in the future.