Divorce proceeding involves wide range of legal issues

A wide range of emotions can erupt during the process of dissolving a marriage in Massachusetts, ranging from rage to exasperation and sorrow. However, being controlled by these emotions can have negative impacts during a divorce proceeding. A few tips can help with ensuring that one approaches this type of family law proceeding in a logical manner when dealing with the children and the finances.

Child custody is one of the most highly contested issues during divorce proceedings. After all, the thought of losing a child to a future ex can be frustrating and even devastating. Before discussing issues concerning the children with an attorney, having an idea of what one desires is critical when it comes to how physical and legal custody as well as child support will be addressed.

Knowing what assets need to be split and their value is also critical before starting a conversation about property division. Gathering various documents can help with this process, such as pension statements, bank statements, proof of both parties’ current incomes and stock portfolio information. If a prenuptial agreement exists, having this ready is also important, as it provides instructions on how matters such as asset division need to be addressed.

The legal matters that a divorce proceeding in Massachusetts involve are complex and numerous. However, an attorney can help with navigating these issues efficiently and assertively. The attorney can provide representation either at the negotiation table or in court depending on the circumstances surrounding the divorce, ensuring that the most personally favorable outcome is achieved.

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