Divorce process involving high-value assets can be complex

The process of getting divorced can certainly take a toll on a person emotionally, but it can be just as difficult financially. This is particularly the case for those with high-value assets. Here is a look at what the divorce process entails if you have significant debts or assets in Massachusetts.

When you and your spouse bring debts and assets into your marriage, they have a tendency to change over time. As a result, the division of your property can quickly become complicated if you subsequently decide to get a divorce. The division of debt in particular can especially be confusing if you or the other party is a business owner.

Fortunately, an attorney in Massachusetts can walk you through the property division process from start to finish. Your attorney can use forensic resources, such as accountants, to make sure that your property is valued appropriately and that your future ex has not hidden any assets. In addition, the attorney can protect you from liabilities for the other party’s debts.

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