Divorce rate increasing among elderly

The rate of the dissolution of a marriage has increased two times for couples over 50 years old in the United States, including in the state of Massachusetts. Meanwhile, the rate has increased a whopping three times for couples over 65 years old. These statistics are based on new research on divorce.

According to the research, divorce is becoming more uncommon for America’s young adults. In fact, the rate of marital split-ups dropped by 21 percent over the past couple of decades for couples aged 25 to 39. However, it is increasing for Americans over 50 years old.

One reason for the increase in the divorce rate among the elderly is that the Baby Boomer generation, encompassing those from the ages of 51 to 69, is aging. Many divorced Baby Boomers have remarried. However, the rate of splitting up for those who remarry while over 50 years old is double that of Baby Boomers who are married only once.

In addition, those who have been in a marriage longer are more likely to stay married. Among those married for four or more decades, the rate of getting divorced recently was just four in 1,000. The main reasons for calling it quits at an older age, however, are the desire for new opportunities and independence, or simply dissatisfaction. No matter the reason for getting a divorce, an attorney in the state of Massachusetts can provide guidance during the entire process so that one’s rights are protected when addressing potentially contentious matters such as spousal support and the division of assets, such as retirement funds.

Source: christiantoday.com, “Young Americans less likely to divorce, older Americans at least twice as likely to split“, Joseph Hartropp, March 14, 2017