Do real estate laws apply to remodeling projects?

What happens when an ostensibly simple construction, remodeling or rehabilitation project goes awry? You may need a real estate attorney to help protect your interests.

Consider the myriad of real estate laws that can apply to such projects. Construction law regulates independent contractors and can apply to matters such as project site inspection, documentation prepared for the project and even how the dispute is resolved.

Real estate owners who wish to take a proactive approach may benefit by having an attorney review or draft a construction agreement. Yet even then, disputes may still arise over the interpretation of terms or over the quality or timeliness of work provided.

Although no one likes a delay, a construction project that goes past its projected completion dates may present a significant financial obstacle. In some instances, an owner may not be able to afford the delay, to the extent that the contract requires additional payments for labor and other expenses past the deadline. Yet if the third-party contractor refuses to complete the project without additional payment, it may be very difficult to resolve this situation. A real estate attorney can offer a proactive approach in this situation, as well. Before work on a project begins, an agreement might be reached that establishes penalties for construction work that goes over schedule or exceeds its budget.

Of course, parties to a real estate contract may still breach its terms. When that happens, a real estate attorney can work with an owner to discuss resolution or enforcement options. If a lawsuit is necessary, our firm can also represent clients through every stage of the litigation. Check out our firm’s real estate law website to learn more about our practice areas.