Documentation is a key part of a successful divorce

When someone decides to file for divorce or is even considering it, they often come in with a lot of questions when they visit their divorce attorney. One of the first questions that they may ask is about documentation: what paperwork will I need for this process?

Although the answer might be quite overwhelming, a lawyer can slowly take you through the process and also ensure that you do not miss any crucial paperwork. While every divorce case will have its own set of unique circumstances, an experienced divorce attorney usually knows the right questions to ask in order to make sure nothing crucial is missed during the division of property.

It might be easiest to start with physical objects: your home and your vehicles. Collect any documents related to the purchase of a property or a vehicle. You will likely want to get a tax assessor’s statement, as well as any mortgage statements or car loan statements.

Next, consider any plans you have set in place. These may include a 401(k) plan through your work, a life insurance plan or an IRA. These types of plans have statements that can be helpful as a lawyer takes you through the divorce process.

Finally and likely the biggest and most difficult topic of all: income and debts. Collecting this paperwork may take some time and possibly some digging. You will want to collect pay stubs for you and your spouse, tax returns, and bank account statements. It is also important to consider any other forms of income that may be coming from unique sources. Likewise, make sure to document all debts that are owed by you and your spouse.

The sheer amount of paperwork to collect may seem overwhelming, but taking time to properly collect all documents that could affect your divorce case is definitely worth your while.