Documents and children important areas of focus during divorce

Deciding to get divorced is just one step in ending a marriage. Understanding what is on the horizon and taking action to prepare for what is to come is the next step. A couple of tips may help with navigating the complex process of divorce in Massachusetts.

First, obtaining all necessary documents early on is essential. The majority of couples share important records and documents, as maintaining multiple copies is typically unnecessary. However, during a divorce proceeding, both parties really need to have their own sets of documents. These important documents include financial records, tax history information and bank account statements. Other records that can be beneficial to make copies of include medical records and a child’s birth certificate.

Second, as parents are typically most concerned about their children during the dissolution of a marriage, closely monitoring the children’s well-being is imperative. Children often feel responsible for their parents’ breakup even if the parents emphasize that they were not at fault. This may cause the children to act out. Therefore, fostering honest and open family communication is important.

Even though divorce can be complicated both financially and emotionally, understanding the law may help those going through the process to feel more in control of their situations. Greater control may also be possible by deciding to address matters through direct mediation, an alternative process to traditional litigation. An attorney in the state of Massachusetts can make sure that one’s best interests are protected during each step of this type of family law proceeding.

Source:, “Headed for Divorce? 11 Pro Tips You Need to Follow”, Julie Peirano, April 23, 2017