Five steps for planning ahead to avoid discrimination lawsuits

One of a company’s worst nightmares is to be accused of discriminating against an employee. Not only can this take a toll on your company’s reputation, but it can also impact your bottom line if the employee sues you. Here are five ways you can plan ahead to avoid discrimination and harassment lawsuits in Massachusetts.

First, it is critical that you train all of your employees and human resource managers on equal employment opportunity laws as well as implement a robust equal employment opportunity policy for your company. Second, it would behoove you to foster strong communication in the early stages of resolving discrimination-related disputes. This may help to minimize the likelihood of misunderstandings growing into equal employment opportunity problems that are legally actionable.

Third, it is paramount that your company’s hiring managers recruit and hire, as well as promote, employees with equal employment opportunity principles at the forefront of their minds. Fourth, when it comes to race-based discrimination, it may be helpful to conduct self-analyses aimed at determining if your existing employment practices happen to disadvantage minorities in Massachusetts. Finally, concerning workplace harassment, you may want to create and clearly describe a complaint process where employees have several accessible avenues for making complaints.

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