High-conflict divorce can lead to health problems in children

The process of getting divorced in Massachusetts can understandably take its toll on those who have decided to end their marriages and move on with their lives. Any children of the parties can also be negatively affected and find it difficult to move forward. In fact, there are apparently several types of health issues that could impact children of parents who divorce.

According to researchers, children whose parents no longer live together have double the chance of developing gastrointestinal, dermatological, neurological and genitourinary issues than do children whose parents remain together. It is thought that stress is likely the culprit in causing these health issues. However, children whose parents have gotten divorced were not found to be more likely to develop issues in their respiratory, musculo-skeletal or cardiovascular systems. Their chances of developing hearing/sight issues or allergies also did not increase.

The main cause of the health issues is not the divorce proceeding itself but rather how the parents handle it. For instance, if the parents fight constantly in front of the kids, the children can unfortunately be affected physically. Interparental conflicts make it challenging to maintain strong familial relationships.

Mediation is an alternative to traditional divorce that allows both spouses in Massachusetts to try to find common ground in areas such as property division. They can also work on establishing a successful parenting plan that both spouses embrace. In this way, they can avoid further court intrusion, which usually only adds to the family’s stress and is more costly as well.  

Source: nydailynews.com, “Kids of divorce twice as at risk for certain health issues: study“, Joe Dziemianowicz, May 24, 2017