How parents can get along after divorce

You may not think about how to have a successful co-parenting relationship in the midst of a contentious divorce, but perhaps you should. Family court judges in Massachusetts have expectations of divorcing parents, and those who do not live up to it run could run afoul of the court.  Even worse, the children may be negatively affected by their parents’ ongoing battles.

With that, parents should be mindful of how they can make a broken romantic relationship work as a co-parenting relationship. 

Don’t use kids as pawns – You may not see it as a parent, but kids don’t like to be in the middle of a battle between parents. So they are uncomfortable choosing sides even though they will do what they can to please you.

Be flexible – A parent who is constantly late can drive you crazy. But tardiness, by itself, should not be a reason to withhold parenting time. However, co-parents should be flexible and understanding enough to understand when circumstances beyond a person’s control may make them late from time to time.

Winning isn’t everything – Some marriages (and relationships) don’t last because each parent is obsessed with maintaining control; either by winning an argument or getting their way. In a successful co-parenting relationship, winning isn’t everything. In fact, it often sabotages relationships between kids and other important people in the child’s life.

Ultimately, parents should always try to find ways to make a co-parenting relationship work, despite their differences. For information and advice on how to do so, an experienced family law attorney can help.