Important factors to consider before getting a divorce

The dissolution of a marriage can be a tough situation from both a financial and an emotional perspective. This is true even in a relatively amicable divorce. For this reason, it would be wise for Massachusetts spouses who are contemplating divorce to consider several truths about getting divorced before they officially separate.

First, it is important to consider the children. Once the divorce is finalized, are both spouses okay with having the children live in two separate households? The fact that both parents will end up seeing their children less can be emotionally difficult, at least at first. In addition, divorced parents must become accustomed to alternating or dividing holidays each year.

Another important consideration is the cost of divorce. This is critical because two divorcing spouses will end up with only a portion of the assets they shared as a married couple, unless they signed a prenuptial agreement that indicates otherwise. Also, the person paying alimony will have less money in his or her bank account for this reason as well.

Of course, although divorce does come with some emotional and financial challenges, sometimes it is unavoidable. However, if two spouses can find common ground on how to divide their property or deal with child custody and visitation, they might be able to settle their divorce out of court, rather than going through traditional litigation. An attorney in Massachusetts can help a divorcing spouse to navigate this process confidently, ensuring that his or her rights and best interests are protected from start to finish.