Kinetic Concepts buys MoMelan Technologies

Kinetic Concepts, Inc., a medical technology company, announces its purchase of MoMelan Technologies, a company that uses skin-graft technology for outpatient epidermal graft procedures. Kinetic hopes that this business reorganization will give it the impetus needed to meet objectives regarding surgical outcomes.

Cambridge-based MoMelan emerged as a spin-off company from the laboratories created by a professor at Massachusetts General Hospital. MoMelan has been working recently with outpatient skin graft procedures. The company is said to have developed a technique that is quick and painless for performing epidural skin grafts in outpatient settings, allowing patients to go home immediately after a treatment.

A KCI spokesman says that the company is excited about the acquisition and hopes to launch the new product in its market by late 2013. KCI’s stated mission is to discover and develop innovative methods of therapy for wound care and patient therapeutic support. The company hopes that marketing this new skin graft procedure will result in better patient outcomes when compared to traditional skin graft methods.

In any business takeover or buyout, it is normal to have a great deal of complicated transactions involved. This is especially true when patents or formulas are part of the business deal. A business attorney can represent the parties to the contract and ensure that all of the proper documentation is prepared and signed in order to protect the interests and rights of both parties to the transaction. This is particularly important when one company attempts to buy technology or ideas from another, as is the case in this transaction.

Source: San Antonio Business Journal, “KCI buys Massachusetts skin-grafting technology company,” James Aldridge, Dec. 18, 2012