Levels of beauty might drive divorce

Various issues can cause a couple to get divorced, including financial conflict and infidelity, but experts say that their levels of attractiveness may also be a factor in their marital breakups in Massachusetts. Research shows that if men marry more attractive women, their chances of divorce increase. The reason for this is that their wives might not be as dedicated to them.

New research shows that people are usually attracted to individuals who are more handsome or beautiful than they are. Still, people generally realize how handsome or beautiful they themselves are and, therefore, whom they are most likely to attract. For this reason, many individuals marry those whose levels of attraction mirror their own.

However, when a mismatch takes place between two people, the outlook of the couple’s relationship looks bleak. A study showed that women may be more flirtatious with other parties if they are more beautiful than their partners are. Another problem that might crop up when there is a mismatch is that the less alluring person might become insecure in the relationship, which can negatively impact it.

No matter the reason for a married couple’s breakup, the divorce proceeding can certainly be tough from both an emotional and a financial standpoint. Still, two parties may make the process more amicable and less stressful if they can resolve their divorce matters — such as alimony and asset distribution — outside of court. An attorney in Massachusetts can help a divorcing spouse to pursue his or her best interests in an out-of-court proceeding or at divorce trial, if necessary.