Massachusetts AG’s services help homeowners in crisis

Foreclosures continue to be an issue for many Massachusetts residents. Homeowners facing the loss of their homes have many options to stall the foreclosure process, though, ranging from modification of their loans to filing for personal bankruptcies. There’s even the possibility of selling the homes in a newly resurrected real estate market. To take advantage of these options, homeowners need to know what they qualify for. To help, the state’s attorney general has established the HomeCorps program.

HomeCorps is a collection of initiatives intended to help in the prevention of foreclosure. The program includes free legal services, eviction-prevention services and financial counseling. The Borrower Representation initiative, for example, has been able to help homeowners directly by fighting improper foreclosures.

The HomeCorps program was established with funds allocated to the state from the $25 billion settlement reached between states and major mortgage lenders. The Borrower Representation Initiative will open 14 locations throughout the state, providing homeowners with legal services from 19 attorneys. Along with legal representation, the available programs can provide income-eligible families with up to $2,000 to help prevent homelessness after a foreclosure has occurred.

Residents in the Worcester area are not alone in facing foreclosures. These programs can help. But residents need to be made aware that there is help available. If you are facing foreclosure, you do not have to lie down and do what your bank says.

Source: GoLocalWorcester, “Mass. AG’s Services Aid in Foreclosure Crisis,” Feb. 16, 2013