Massachusetts bill could help ‘protect children’ during divorce

Any Massachusetts couple going through a divorce knows that discussing things like property division and spousal support are not easy. The situation may be even more difficult when children are involved, as any good parent wants what is best for their children.

The creator of a Massachusetts Bill that is under consideration of the state legislature until June 30, claims that it would help protect the interests of the children when parents are going through a divorce. If passed, the bill would prohibit couples going through divorce to have sex with other partners until the divorce is finalized. Under the proposed bill, in order for a divorcing person to begin a sexual or dating relationship, approval from a judge would be needed. According to reports, the constituent who filed the bill allegedly went through a sour divorce. The bill was filed in 2013, and on March 20 of this year, an extension for the consideration of the bill was granted.

Although a Massachusetts senator sponsored the bill, he said that he did it out of respect for the constituent. It has been reported that the senator does not support the bill. The bill must pass the state legislature and have the governor’s approval in order to become a law.

Whether those going through a Massachusetts divorce are in favor of or against the proposed bill, bringing new partners into a home with children must be done with care. Each divorcing couple’s situation is unique, and factors such as the age of the children, child custody and visitation schedules may help determine when it is appropriate to dive into a relationship with a new partner.

When issues like the well-being of the children and the introduction of new partners arise during the divorce process, couples may have questions about how to address the issues. A legally trained professional may be able to offer advice to divorcing couples, in an effort to achieve the best outcome for all parties involved.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Massachusetts Bill Could Ban Sex During Divorce,” Emily Thomas, March 24, 2014