Massachusetts building owner files litigation against redeveloper

The owner of a Massachusetts office building sued the developer of a $1.6 billion project for allegedly not paying rent and attempting to get the building’s tenants to relocate. The contract dispute pitted the owner against the redevelopment company that was charged with revitalizing downtown Quincy. The redeveloper was hit with a breach of contract suit in the amount of $12.9 million, which was the agreed-upon price for the owner to be paid for the building. A partner with Street-Works reported that the dispute was almost settled.

Street-Works was originally named with another redeveloper in the lawsuit, but the latter company has since dropped out of the downtown Quincy revitalization. According to a Street-Works official, the redevelopment was on hold due to finances and more affordable choices were being considered with a new partner redevelopment firm.

The $12.9 million lawsuit stated that a subsidiary of Street-Works had agreed to pay that amount for 135,000 square feet of space in the office building. When it came time to close the purchase-and-sale agreement, the redeveloper told the building owner that they couldn’t finance the purchase. Negotiations on a new agreement commenced, with the company paying the owner an amount to cover vacant office space. The suit alleges that payments were improperly stopped with $122,334 still owed.

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Source: The Patriot Ledger, “Quincy Center developer accused of breach of contract”, Patrick Ronan, November 22, 2013