Massachusetts business plans to occupy two spaces in mall

ZYP Fitness Plus plans to occupy two separate locations in the Hanover Mall. The company, which started in the basement of the owner’s home, started in 2009 when she wanted to teach a Zumba class. The owner began teaching the class on a weekly basis with as little as nine participants.

Within a year, business was booming. The owner accepted more participants and added five additional fitness instructors. That was not the only change. ZYP Fitness Plus moved from the basement into commercial real estate at the Hanover Mall. The new location gave the business a much larger, needed space. The first location was the former space used by a Bee Toy Store.

The owner has always made sure that ZYP Fitness Plus is never overly crowded and every participant has enough room to exercise. However, that doesn’t mean she didn’t need more room to accommodate the almost 700 participants who showed up to classes every week. The continued success of ZYP Fitness Plus created a need for another location. Instead of looking elsewhere in the Norwell area, the owner decided to stay in the mall. The second location is right across from the first fitness center. It opened March 1.

The manager of the mall continues to offer space for entrepreneurs who want to start or enhance their businesses. Many entrepreneurs are becoming savvier regarding business real estate purchases and business formation. They are looking at interesting local commercial real estate that fits with their businesses, not just rushing to call the first place with a for rent sign. However, individuals can still benefit from the help of business and commercial layers regarding business formation and real estate purchases.

Source: Wicked Local Norwell, “Business expands to second location at Hanover Mall Read more: Business expands to second location at Hanover Mall – Norwell, Massachusetts – Norwell Mariner“, Mark Burridge, May 20, 2013