Massachusetts child support guidelines recently updated

The Massachusetts child support guidelines play a very important role in the financial care of children in the state. These guidelines provide for the calculation of Child support, taking into consideration both the income of parents and a child’s needs. The importance of these guidelines makes it vital for readers of our Worcester family law blog to be aware of recent changes that may affect parents and children across Massachusetts.

The most recent changes to the Child support guidelines went into effect on August 1st. Every four years a task force is responsible for updating the guidelines. This task force is made up of a variety of individuals, including judges, probation officers, and attorneys.

Unfortunately, the changes may equate to less money for many recipients. Income from secondary jobs and overtime payors may be in jeopardy. The court system has been granted the ability to consider none, part, or all of that money. Overall, it appears that many Child support recipients will likely be awarded a little less money due to the changes.

Massachusetts’ Probate & Family Court will also no longer consider need-based aid in the calculation of Child support payments. This includes need-based aid such as Social Security income or benefits awarded under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Additional changes to the guidelines will make childcare expenses and health insurance costs part of support obligations. These changes may have a big impact on the amount of money awarded to recipients and the financial care of children. A Central Massachusetts Family Law Attorney can discuss how these changes may affect a recipient’s Child support payments. There may be ways to minimize the impact of these changes on your Child support award.

Source:, “Changes to child support guidelines,” Anaridis Rodriguez, Aug. 28, 2013