Massachusetts commercial real estate property for sale

A large Main Street building in Massachusetts is currently on the market. The sale price is $4.8 million. The commercial real estate property is technically three separate buildings that ended up being combined several years ago.

The Massachusetts building for sale houses multiple businesses, including a bureau that provides services to small businesses. The owner of the building also operates a marketing consulting firm at the property. In addition, he operates an open-by-appointment-only museum there.

Based on the online listing for this real estate property, it spans more than 76,000 square feet. More than 63,000 of this square feet is usable space for office and retail purposes on the building’s first five floors. In addition, more than 13,000 square feet is available in the basement. The building’s asking price is negotiable.

Selling and buying commercial real estate can be a complicated process, with not all deals going smoothly. If a transaction is not approached in the proper manner, and both sides of the sale cannot find common ground during the negotiation process, the deal may end up falling through. This, unfortunately, means the waste of money, time and energy.

However, an applied understanding of the law may make it easier to navigate a commercial real estate transaction. A qualified attorney in Massachusetts can provide the direction needed to seal the deal both quickly and efficiently. The attorney’s ultimate objective is to make sure that a buyer’s or seller’s best interests are upheld and that his or her rights are protected at all stages of the transaction.

Source:, “Worcester businessman Frank Carroll selling Main St. building“, Elaine Thompson, Feb. 21, 2018