Massachusetts divorce filings increase after New Year’s Day

Following the celebration and enjoyment of the holidays, many Massachusetts residents may be surprised to know that the beginning of a new year inevitably marks a spike in divorce filings. Many couples make the decision to divorce prior to the holiday season. However, they decide to hold off on their divorce filing in order to spend one more holiday season as a family unit. This is often the case if the couple have children.

A Massachusetts divorce may also be spurred by an unhappy holiday season in a strained marriage that was already at risk. There are many other reasons that a couple may decide to file for divorce following the start of the new year. The reason may be financial, such as for tax purposes.

Despite the reason behind a divorce filing, it is imperative to retain an experienced family law attorney. This can help best protect each person and their respective interests. In addition to the emotional aspects of a divorce, many other issues come into play. There must be a division of marital property and debts. For some couples, spousal support may also be an issue. If children are involved, items such as child custody, visitation and child support must be addressed.

Many Massachusetts divorce cases are resolved out of court through negotiation. Out-of-court discussions and mediation can assist couples in resolving their issues without litigation. If this is not successful, a judge will hear a contested matter. A Worcester family law attorney can help resolve any disputes that may arise.

Source: Huffington Post, “When divorce is a New Year’s resolution,” Alton Abramowitz, Dec. 28, 2012